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  二是来料加工、OEM代工代料。工厂拥有成熟的SMT(软、硬板)贴片、MI插件、组装、测试、包装等一条龙生产系统。其中,SMT事业部引进了大规模的高精度生产制造设备,具有SMT、AOI检测等方面的强大能力。生产、办公环境优越。公司的生产车间为无尘、防静电车间,拥有各种先进的生产加工设备和测试仪器。SMT车间现有四条全自动高速高精度贴片生产线,能完成最小贴装0201,0402,0603,0805,BGA,QFP IC等元件,引脚距贴装达到0.3MM的精度,日产能达到600万点以上,每条线俱配备AOI光学检测机检测微小元件,确保品质!

Dongguan Zhishang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016

Established in October 2016, Dongguan Zhishang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Yingjie Technology Co., Ltd., a research and development-oriented manufacturing company based on hardware technology. The company is divided into two major sections: First, ODM design, development and manufacturing. The company has a number of independent brands and more than 10 national patents. It has also obtained patents in the United States and Germany. Its own brand products are divided into daily electronic product series, car series, beauty health and other series. Among them, the car series "CORBASE" handheld intelligent air pump has been sold in Japan, the United States, Europe and other regions. In the Japanese market, "CORBASE" handheld intelligent air pump is the first in the air pump sales list. . The core concept is: to simplify and create a safe, healthy and comfortable smart life experience.

The Bio-Enzyme-Activating Health Instrument (PM16-738) is one of the star products in the beauty and health series. Its energy-activated head is equipped with the latest modern high-tech bio-electric current technology, its unique and magical positive and negative half-wave bionic characteristics. It can open abnormal cross-linking, so that the atomic structure of the diseased tissue cells is adjusted from disordered to ordered, so that the diseased tissue cells wake up, activate, and prolong the healthy growth sequence of the cells. It can also speed up the lymphatic circulation, promote the supply of blood samples, and enhance the function of detoxification. It keeps you healthy and always with you. In addition, its thermotherapy rotary head can improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle spasm and so on. At the same time, the company has developed a series of health products such as head massager, eye massager and shoulder massager.

Last year, the company began to cooperate with the world's top phosphor manufacturing organizations to develop outdoor fluorescent series: multi-function fluorescent flashlights, rescue whistle, fluorescent balls and so on. Not only, it burns for 2 minutes and illuminates for 10 hours. Moreover, the design is strong, the hand feels comfortable, the material technology is first-class, the functions are diverse, and the love of outdoor activists.

Since the establishment of the company, the team has been committed to the Internet and the Internet of Things, and has invested in smart cities. Relying on a strong technical team to develop an unmanned parking space management and sharing system, our products are based on the combination of a single parking space management robot and a shared software system. Through the combination of intelligent parking lock and IoT innovation technology, we can create unattended intelligent parking spaces. Management platform, which is the difference shared with all parking systems in the market, a product that completely breaks the overall parking management model, with a series of hardware technology patents and system technology patents.

The second is the processing of incoming materials and OEM OEMs. The factory has a mature SMT (soft and hard board) patch, MI plug-in, assembly, testing, packaging and other one-stop production system. Among them, the SMT business unit has introduced large-scale high-precision manufacturing equipment, and has strong capabilities in SMT and AOI testing. Production and office environment are superior. The company's production workshop is a dust-free, anti-static workshop with a variety of advanced production and processing equipment and testing equipment. The SMT workshop has four automatic high-speed and high-precision patch production lines, which can complete the minimum placement of 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, BGA, QFP IC and other components. The pitch is up to 0.3MM, and the daily production capacity is 6 million. Above the point, each line is equipped with AOI optical inspection machine to detect tiny components to ensure quality!

The assembly workshop has 2 DIP plug-in lines, 2 assembly lines, 1 packaging line, and a daily processing capacity of more than 13K!

In the spirit of seeking truth and innovation, the company adheres to the advanced core technology, excellent production team, visionary company prospects, and perfect after-sales service system to show customers high-quality products and services. Firmly establish the working attitude of “customer first, quality first, credit first”.
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